Why Cloud?

Many Australian businesses have leveraged cloud computing to reduce overheads, boost productivity and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors

Cloud computing for small and medium business involves partially or completely outsourcing your core business server and computing technologies. It allows businesses of all shapes and sizes, to leverage massive pools of online computing resources and services on a consumption “pay for what you need” basis. The cloud computing infrastructure is already managed and supported which means less overheads and reduced resources to drive your business technology.

Benefits of leveraging Cloud Computing

► Leasing costs are treated as cost of doing business. These costs can be claimed as tax deductions thus improving cash flow
► Latest hardware that provides faster and more reliable performance
► Less risk of data loss due to failed hardware, as cloud provider monitors and replaces components before they fail
► Significantly cheaper storage costs. No need to worry about failed hard disks, NAS or USB devices
► Data is saved in triplicate. If one device fails, data can be reconstructed from the remaining two copies
► Data encryption for data privacy, also prevents competitors and hackers from stealing intellectual property
► Latest security hotfixes, to prevent virus attacks, ransomware and other malware
► Latest software versions, thus leveraging new features released by vendors of OS, databases and other applications
► Latest software updates for bug fixes, therefore less program crashes
► Startups can start with a very low cost and scale up rapidly. Thus it supports scale fast, fail fast model of startup growth

How Nimble Kumulus can help your business to leverage the cloud?

Nimble Kumulus strategically partner with powerful cloud computing platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver enterprise grade geo-redundant solutions to your organisation on a small business budget.