Increase Productivity

How many of us have met a business person who claims that they are not time poor?

Between managing business priorities and balancing quality time with family and friends, it is no wonder that very little time is left to attend to important activities such as applying security patches, bug fixes and other IT related actives. Some businesses take up the option of hiring dedicated IT staff. In that case, staff retention is an issue. If they have a modicum of talent, that person will soon get bored and move on to a more challenging job.

Both cloud providers, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, have professional staff on roster 24x7x365 doing precisely that in their cloud data centers. For SaaS and PaaS options, the cloud provider takes care of deploying security hotfixes, emergency engineering bug fixes, software licencing costs and feature upgrades. So your business and staff can focus and concentrate on what it does best. That is engage in revenue generating activities and be productive in their day-to-day work, without worrying about pesky IT issues.

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