Secure Backup & Disaster Recovery

Disasters, such as floods, fires, equipment failure, or terrorism, can strike with little or no warning.
Recovering from the impact of a disaster can be a massive undertaking if companies aren’t prepared. The downtime alone can be incredibly expensive.
The difference between companies which successfully manage crises and those which don’t is in the business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Traditionally, disaster recovery solutions required significant investment, with adequate resourcing from an IT team, with lengthy set up and training while managing a range of moving parts. Cloud solutions has removed the hassle and the financial burden to get the security and risk mitigation you need to protect your business and your customers.
– Real time and scheduled backups to the cloud
– Recover servers and data in minutes from the cloud
– Data is encrypted, compressed and duplicated for security and to reduce data transfers
– Online portal and scheduled reports provide up to date information